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DEBRA: Classic Car & Family Fun Day
Debra Ireland fund raising event held in Templeogue College, Dublin (Sept. 2015). A lovely mix of events, competitions and of course classic cars. The video is in two parts: the first gives an overview and the second part is focused on the classic cars and some of their owners.

Commissioner for Irish Lights HQ

Commissioners of Irish Lights HQ

Open House: Irish Lights HQ

In early October each year an unusual event takes place in and around the island of Ireland. Over a period of just a few days both public buildings and private dwellings of some architectural significance, which are not normally open to the public are made available for public inspection.

This year (2013) in Dublin alone, 100 such buildings were open for viewing. These ranged from Aras an Uachtar√°in – the residence of the president of Ireland, to the Google Docks building, to an obscure Dublin artisans’ dwelling, built originally in c1909, but re-imagined for modern living. The range covers residential, cultural, educational, community, public and commercial buildings. Continue Reading…

Interviews with some of the Classic Car Owners at the DEBRA event in Templeogue College.

DEBRA Classic Car Image Gallery
Please be patient as it may take a while for all the images to download, after which you should have no problem playing them in the gallery.

DEBRA Ireland, is a charitable organisation established in 1988 to help children born with EB, or epidermolysis bullosa. It raises funds to research the causes of EB, and ultimately to find a cure for the disease. EB is a very painful genetic skin condition whereby both internal and external skin becomes “as delicate and fragile as the wings of a butterfly, and just as easily damaged” (DEBRA flyer 18-8-2013). Hence, DEBRA’s butterfly logo.

On 18th August 2013, DEBRA hosted a fund raising event in Templeogue College, Dublin. [mO] went along to see the facinating range of classic cars, and to talk to some of their owners.

If you would like to know more about EB, please visit: