Protecting the 8th Amendment

by LoveBoth Project


27 October marks 50 years since the Abortion Act 1967 became law in England and Wales, effectively legalising abortion. Political leaders claimed that they were not introducing abortion on demand. But in the first five years of the Act, abortions rose from 23,641 in 1968 to 156,741 in 1972 – a staggering 563% increase. Last year alone, there were 185,596 abortions there.

And this is what the repeal advocates want to bring to Ireland!

Each year, 1 in 5 pregnancies in England and Wales ends in abortion; this is more than 300% higher than the Irish rate. The 8th Amendment has saved more than 100,000 Irish lives. The referendum is possibly just months away. Now is the time for Ireland to stand together to protect our babies and mothers. Stand with us to save the 8th Amendment.

Help spread the word while there is still time.



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Walk in the Park: Autumn Views

Walk in the Park: Autumn Views
Time out for calmness in a busy world.

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Location: Bushy Park, Templeogue, Dublin, Ireland.

Open House: Irish Lights HQ

Commissioner for Irish Lights HQ

Commissioners of Irish Lights HQ

Open House: Irish Lights HQ

In early October each year an unusual event takes place in and around the island of Ireland. Over a period of just a few days both public buildings and private dwellings of some architectural significance, which are not normally open to the public are made available for public inspection.

This year (2013) in Dublin alone, 100 such buildings were open for viewing. These ranged from Aras an Uachtaráin – the residence of the president of Ireland, to the Google Docks building, to an obscure Dublin artisans’ dwelling, built originally in c1909, but re-imagined for modern living. The range covers residential, cultural, educational, community, public and commercial buildings. Read More

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